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S. B. D. Canopy and Metal Construction Company Ltd.  Started operation in 1995 as a business entity to carry out business activities in the production and supply of canopies and tents for corporate and individual bodies.


Our company comprises of a team of stable and dedicated staff that has become world class in what they do, making sure unsurpassed customer service is provided. The efficiency of our products line was designed especially for our use. We lay out the floor plan and then plan the shape size and height of the building.

For example, we have electric traveling twist that run the length of the 25high ceiling, making the extra large tents almost as easy to handle as the smaller ones.


We have invested confidently in the very best equipment to meet our client taste. Most of our machines and fixture are built or rebuilt especially for us – or by us – to do better and more expeditious job. As a result, we routinely fabricate a 52’ Round Tent in 18 Man Hours with a turn around of 18 man hours “vulcanizing or welding”, weather stripping over every seam. While every stitch of thread in the tent top is permanently protected.


Kindly go through our gallery to view our different product at affordable prices and be assured to find something that will suit your need.


 Mr. Bamidele

Managing Director


To be a leading and professional company in canopy and metal construction to our client and the corporate world.


To satisfy customers with fast delivery of high quality product and professional services.


Canopy & Metal Construction Company Ltd.

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